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KAP Suzuki Landmaster

Introducing the KAP Suzuki Landmaster from KAP Suzuki.  The ultimate in lightweight, functional Utility vehicles that will go anywhere.

Suzuki Landmaster
Suzuki Landmaster flotation tyres
Suzuki Landmaster pickup bed
Suzuki Landmaster tie downs

The KAP Suzuki Landmaster begins life as a Suzuki Jimny, the ultimate in small, 4x4 vehicles.

The team at KAP Suzuki in Yorkshire strip the donor vehicle, convert it into a pickup, repaint and add uprated suspension components of your choice.  The result is the KAP Landmaster!

An ideal alternative to a more traditional UTV and can be built to your requirements.

Cheap to run and comfortable with heater , power steering and electric windows as standard.

Being based on a road going 4x4 they are fully road legal.

There are 4 levels of build depending on the customers budget and requirements starting from £8500 No Vat.

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Suzuki Lanmaster with optional canopy
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