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Welcome to the world of Electric Quad bikes!!

Shropshire Quads is proud to be one of the first quad bike dealers in the country to offer a range of electric quad bikes. Introducing you to the Eco Charger range of electric quad bikes.

There are 2 electric quad bikes in the Eco Charger range at present, please click on the pictures below for more detailed information about each model.

Eliminator 4X4

The Eliminator is the flagship electric quad bike with selectable 4 wheel drive.

Dominator 2 wheel drive

The dominator electric quad bike. Chain driven, 2 wheel drive.

Please take some time to view this video of the Eco Charger Electric quad bikes.  It is a summary of how the company started, the building of electric quad bikes and finally some video footage of how the electric quad bikes perform.  If you would like to see some more videos of the Electric quad bikes please click this link.